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Just a few of the multitude of web sites that are related to motorcycles. Some of our members have also joined up with these chapters engage in a common relationship of family, and the riding experience. We are not trying to promote every magazine or chrome shop in the world here.

Red Knights


Green Knights


White Knights

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Gold Wing Road Riders


  Harley Owners Group


Weather Information

Going somewhere?  This is one of the best places to actually see what the weather patterns are both USA and Canada.  Do the words, "We can drive through it" come to mind and have haunted you when the lightning and winds start howling to push over your ride?  Have a look here before you leave ...

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Outside Links

We are not endorsing any particular web site or products sold by these outside links.  Some of our members feel our conference members may benefit from being able to quickly find these web sites.  Google does a great job at finding these places and it is not our intent to start listing virtually hundreds of non Blue Knight links.

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