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2017 Safety Course

The 2017 Blue Knight Spring Clinic objective gave all riders who participated the opportunity to hone in on their individual riding skills after a lengthy time off due to the off season, or being away from riding for a long period of time. It was an opportunity to get reacquainted with your skill set. Some of the riding skills that were covered during the clinic:

• Getting started TCOGS
• Proper Pushing Techniques
• Proper Lifting Techniques
• Discus High Side Low Side
• The Gray Area (Friction Zone)
• Starts/Stops
• 90 Degree Turns
• Riding Formation
• Parking and Dismounts

The above list covers your fundamental skills; The most important skill of all is the ability to slow the motorcycle down and stop, that would be the “B” word also known as BREAKING. One of my favorite questions to ask a motorcyclist is, “Do you know what your stopping distance is from 0-80 feet at 45mph?” The only way you would know the answer to that question is to have done it; and the best way to do it safely would be to take a refresher training course or attend a clinic.

By offering the Blue Knight Spring Clinic, I could help riders improve their riding skills, help raised funds for a local Children’s charity and recruit new members to our Chapter. I have also included a video and some pictures from the clinic.

Until next time ride safe!!
Lee “Motorman” Smith

Last Updated: 23 APR 2017
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